Our Services Include Flyer Drops To Homes, Apartments, Car Windshields And Commercial Drops....

We can help you reach thousands of potential customers inexpensively.
Since Ace Flyer Distribution can target either residential or commercial businesses, we offer:

  • Printing & Typesetting

  • Supervised Crews Tracked By GPS

  • Drops As Low As 1.6 Cents Per Flyer In Some Areas
    Individual Flyer Drops Available

  • Piggyback Runs (2 or 3 flyers going out at the same time for a lower cost)

  • Flyer Drops all throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

  • Nationwide Flyer Drops

If you would like further information, please use our Contact Page for other options.

The reliability factor of our staff is second to none. The individuals that are hired by Ace Flyer Distribution to distribute your flyers are paid by the hour and not on the amount of flyers that are delivered.


The reason is simple.


I have found in my over 20 years in this business that if you pay someone on the amount of flyers going out, they will quickly start dumping flyers to earn more money. 


This is why each one of my droppers are paid the same amount of money, having no benefit to throw anything away.


Ace will complete your needs with 100% satisfaction.

Our Director's ensure that "trap routes" (zoned areas always within their view) are maintained, so as to tell our Headquarters when any problems may arise in the planned completion of your project.

Crews are paid weekly.


This is important because each one of our flyer droppers are assigned their own specific route (while doing homes) that they alone are responsible for. If there is any discrepancy with flyers going out, then we know immediately who is to blame and they are dealt with on the spot.

Each crew has a manager whose is responsible for not only transporting the entire crew into the field but driving around and checking on the crew and verifying the routes have been done correctly.


"Data Loggers" which are GPS devices that ping a satellite (once a minute) are always utilized.

The data logger is not a true GPS tracker, so we cannot observe in real time, however, at the end of the day we can take the data logger and plug it into the computer through the USB port. It will immediately draw out a line showing the entire route of that person throughout the day. We can then overlay the result upon Google Earth and ensure that each one of the homes can be seen and verified as completed.

 Go To brickhousesecurity.com for more information on the device used.

Each manager carries a cell phone on him that has a true GPS tracker in it, enabling our office to view one map and see all four crews simultaneously anywhere in the nation. We can see each one of the crews being dropped off and when they are being picked up. I can place a lasso around an area and if a manager leaves the zone, an alarm will sound so we will know at all times that the Manager is in the field driving around and maintaining their individual crews.

With Ace Flyer Distribution, quality and customer satisfaction isn't in question. We will do everything possible to make sure that your flyers go out on time and with the best possible coverage available.







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