Ace Flyer Distribution is committed to the safety of our crews since we opened our doors in April of 1990. Because of this, all vehicles are well maintained and in good condition. We ensure that our Dodge Grand Caravans are all equipped with seats and seat belts.





No crew member is allowed to be sitting on the floorboards of the Van.

The rear end of each vehicle is raised due to a specialized airbag suspension system which not only enables the Van to carry one full ton of weight, but also helps with stabilizing the wheel base.



Every van in our inventory is regularly inspected and only the highest quality oils and lubricants are used. Although specialized oil enables the van to travel 25,000 miles between oil changes, we prefer to change the oil every 15,000 to 20,000 miles instead. The transmission is completely flushed with brand-new fluid every year.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any time and under no circumstances do we allow anyone in the van that is intoxicated.

Every manager uses cell phones so that they can communicate with the office and the customer if need be, and all are equipped with a GPS tracker. This tells our HQ not only where each one of the vans is located at any given time, but also included in each van is an alert system which sends our office an alarm, if anyone of the vehicles is traveling at an unsafe speed.

In March of 2011 a competitor of Ace Flyer Distribution was involved in a deadly accident where several people were killed and many others were severely injured.

Our hearts go out to those families of the individuals who lost their lives.

The following is an article written by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the accident. It indicated how the van had no seats for any of the non management workers, and nearly the entire crew was sitting on the floorboards:

Unsafe Rides are just part of the job for Flier Distributors

The reporter who interviewed Ace Flyer's Owner, Robert Stafford about our competitorsí incident indicated that nearly every flier distribution company he spoke to, operated by piling people into cargo vans with no seats; that is, except for the occasional milk crate or spare tire. According to the article the van had very worn tires and one blew out even though they were driving at legal speed. The vehicle eventually careened off the freeway and slammed into a tree.

A word on this from our Founder and President:

As a company serving the public we refuse to lower ourselves to such sub-standards as to pile people into cargo vans like cattle. It behooves me to actually challenge every other flyer distribution company in business to meet me at this level of standard.

My company may have to spend a great deal more investment on our vehicles to ensure that the seats In our vans are secured and with this, everything well maintained, but I refuse to put people's lives in danger, just to cut costs, or earn unethical profits. Ace believes in doing the job right, but we also believe in doing the job safely. It's a standard I emphasized as a necessity to my employees from day one, and no matter how much we have grown in the business, this very important means of operation can never, and will never change.

Best Wishes,

Robert Stafford

Founder, Ace Flyer Distribution





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